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Core Strengths

Our core strengths are aimed at delivering the value difference to our valued customers. The strengths drive us to make right decisions in our service delivery. Our strengths work as torchbearers to guide us towards business proficiency. Our strengths include:

Skilled Workforce

Our well-trained and highly skilled services staffs receive repeated praise from clients for maintaining an enviable standard of excellence in delivering diverse services.

Domain Expertise

Our staffs include skilled network engineers, IT trainers, business process outsourcing consultants, software developers, marketing experts, promotional personnel, designers, animators, content developers and business analysts who create customized solution for each client.

24x7 Availability

We enable round-the-clock on-call availability to support the customers for smoother, swifter and smarter workflows and help them to meet the deadlines.

Rapid Turnaround Time

We regularly work on tight deadlines, turning around deliverables based on Rapid Application Design Methodologies (RAD) and Joint Application Design sessions (JAD). Thus, we enable clients to experience effective business performance.

Consistency and Reliability

We offer effective service delivery to improve your systems, applications, services, support and technologies with high levels of precision, service consistency, deadline compliance and reliability.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee you that when we do work for you, we do it right. If not, we'll make it right for FREE. Thus, we ensure the complete quality for all services we provide.

Cost Reduction

We enable you to reduce your business overheads and operational expenses by replacing under-utilized fixed costs with a pay-per-use outsourced resource and by eliminating a host of "hidden" costs. Our highly-trained staff’s superior productivity and robust call center technologies reduce cost of help desk operations per employee.

Maximize Utilization

Unlike internal or temporary staff that regularly goes unutilized (especially third-shift, weekends, and summer), clients only need to pay us per-call or per-hour basis thereby benefiting from a de facto 100% utilization

Optimization of Staffing Costs

Our customized staffing solutions including recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and terminating, as well as inefficiencies endemic to high staff turnover rates.

Reduce Supervision Costs

We reduce the need for in-house supervision of IT services and applications.

Enable effective Management

We enable an increased management focus on value-added responsibilities, instead of the distractions of managing IT departments.

Facility Management

We reduce the facility expenses and reallocate or liquidate office space (and associated expenses) and IT hardware currently used for call center services.

Results for Clients

We aim at increasing your chances of closing the deal, securing financing, winning the bake-off, and effectively managing your IT operations.

Improved Credibility

Our customized and outsourced solutions enable you to improve your credibility and business performance.

Competitive Parity

We support you to match and exceed competitors' marketing presence with professional-grade services.