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Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the effective forms of direct marketing that use the electronic mail as the medium to communicate and promote the products and services. We enable the marketers to compose promotional messages as e-mail content and send it to multiple target audience.

Our Email marketing services help customers in:

  • Composing and sending e-mails with the intent of building lasting relationship with clients current and prospective customers
  • Enabling the marketer to improve the brand loyalty among the customers to get repetitive business
  • Allowing the clients to send e-mails with the purpose of getting new customers, convincing current customers and influencing their immediate purchase decisions.

Our E-mail marketing services enable you to:

  • Organize and build a mailing list to distribute the promotional information to a wide range of specific, potential customers at a relatively cheaper low cost
  • Allow the client to track the email delivery with auto receipt to gauge the effectiveness
  • Offer excellent on-time delivery of email messages as delivery time in email is very quick compared to any other promotional campaigns
  • Enable the marketer to make use of specially available push gateways to blast the emails across huge number of email addresses
  • Enable to handle the various issues such as spamming, web bugs, bounce messages, unsubscribe requests, read receipts, click-throughs and so on
  • Enable the advertisers to improve their business performance and generate repeat business affordably and automatically
  • Allow a mechanism wherein the email receivers to respond their willingness to receive further messages from the advertisers on subjects of interest to them.

We provide E-mail Marketing services for new product promotion, communicating introduction of new features in existing products or services, searching for new dealers, channel partners, alliances, agents and so on.

We provide E-mail Marketing services with an effective way of delivery, and minimal operating cost. Our E-mail Marketing services include options such as preparing appropriate data base for your target markets by internet research, composing effective mail message content to improve response rate and so on.