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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

In India mobile penetration is growing at rapid pace. There are more than 80 million mobile subscribers in India and this number is ever increasing. Thus, this revolution is making mobile as one of the powerful media for the businesses to market and promote their products and services.

Mobiles wireless text messaging (SMS) has become a mainstream communication channel to reach consumers in a powerful manner. In todays business strategies reaching consumers who are on-the-move using SMS medium has become increasingly important promotional strategy for many business organizations.

SMS facility enable user to have one-to-one and one-to-many communication options to promote and share the business information. Today, marketers are considering the text messaging as greater deal when it comes to quicker and smarter communication with target audience.

In case of individual mobile subscriber to promote something with many people at a time, has many barriers such as surcharges, number of messages restrictions from service providers, carrier based limitations and so on.

Our SMS Marketing services enable you to:

  • Availing easy-to-use short code based SMS campaigns with cost-effective subscription options
  • Enabling the promotion using mobile phones as well as web-enabled forms
  • Incorporating easier composing of SMS campaigns and effective delivery of the same to the target mobiles
  • Enabling to received SMS delivery reports

As part of our SMS Marketing services, we also provide supplementary support such as:

  • Enabling fully manageable control for your account for better SMS campaign account management.
  • Setting auto responder messages to get delivery confirmation for SMS campaign messages
  • Enabling easy design of SMSes
  • Incorporating the mobile address database
  • Allowing marketers to see detailed SMS campaign analysis reports